our story
The Talk group photo
Tanner Sawatzky and Tyler Boyco met while attending Sheridan College's Advanced Television and Film program back in 2015-2016.
In 2017, Tanner and Tyler came together (along with an incredibly talented cast and crew, primarily made up of other Sheridan graduates) to create the short film, The Talk. This was the first project they had ever done together, and it was what solidified their working relationship and most importantly, their friendship.
Since the release and festival success of The Talk, the guys have been looking for a way for not only themselves, but other artists and filmmakers to share their stories, perspectives and voices. 
This desire and thirst for creativity with little to no financial backing*, was how poorhouse entertainment came to life. 
Currently, they are in pre-production of their first feature, Whatever Happened to Olivia Boone? - a currently zero-budget horror/comedy starring Jessica Vano and Ry Barrett.
*we would love to eventually have financial backing.